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Welcome to the Gingras Lab!

We are a signal transduction, systems biology and proteomics lab located in the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto.

Reversible protein phosphorylation is mediated by a network of protein kinases and phosphatases that regulate the response of cells to environmental stimuli. Importantly, misregulation of this process has been implicated in numerous diseases, including cancer and diabetes. We are particularly interested in understanding how phosphatases respond to different environmental cues and how they recognize their substrates. We are applying quantitative proteomics approaches, as well as an array of biochemical and cell biology techniques, to shed light on this important enzyme family. This being said, we also have other fun projects, which you can see under the Research tab.

We also develop technologies and software tools for proteomics, primarily for the analysis of protein-protein interactions. These are listed under the Resources tab. Have a look at our experimental protocols and available cloning vectors. Please also see our dedicated website for the distribution of ProHits, a Laboratory Information Management System for AP-MS experiments. Explore the Contaminant Repository for Affinity Purification (or CRAPome), a resource to help biologists making sense of their interaction data, and navigate our own Interaction Repository.

Recent funding from Genome Canada enabled the creation at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum of the Network Biology Collaborative Centre (NBCC) who is now accepting samples in both the SMART screening and proteomics facilities.

Human cell map on bioRxiv 2019
The manuscript describing a proximity map of human cell by MoGen PhD student Chris Go, research associate James Knight, and many colleagues has been submitted for publication and made available as a preprint. All data is public at More ...

Postdoc or research associate positions 2019
Postdoc positions in Computational Proteomics (joint with Hannes Roest at U Toronto) and Chemical Proteomics are available in the Gingras lab. Research Associate candidates in Chemical proteomics should apply here. More ...

GIX: Gene Information eXtension is published 2019
James' new Chrome and Firefox plugin to quickly annotate a gene product directly in a web browser is now published at Nature Methods. Access it here. More ...

Congrats Boris, recipient of NSERC studentship 2018
PhD student Boris Dyakov recently received an award from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada for his work aiming at characterizing nuclear bodies using proteomics tools. More ...

Have long gene lists to annotate? Try this! 2019
James Knight, with input from Payman Samavarchi-Tehrani, has created a useful browser (Chrome/Firefox) plug-in to rapidly retrieve information on gene products directly on the browser page. Try it here. More ...

Alpha-test our new visualization tool 2019
James Knight has been redesigning the ProHits-viz series of visualization tools to enable better handling of large files. Alpha-test it here. More ...

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