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 Users and Labs

System Overview:

Type: Information Management System (see Information System)

Architecture: Client-Server (see Software Architecture)  -  

Design: Domain-driven

Technology: Object oriented

Pattern: Model-View-Controller

# layers: Three-layer (see also Multi-layered architecture, Common layers in an information system logical architecture)

# tiers: N-tier. In this context, the term "tier" refers to the hardware node that supports the architectural component (see Distributed Computing). The most common distribution is across 3 tiers, where the database schema and domain logic code are situated on different server computers (tiers 1 and 2); the web interface is accessed through a client machine (tier 3), which is distinct from the servers (see Three-tier architecture).


Database: MySQL

For any questions regarding the website or the software, please contact openfreezer.admin@lunenfeld.ca