Changes and New Features in OpenFreezer Version 1.2
  1. Reagent Creation
    • The Reagent Creation View has been modified as follows:
      • Radio buttons for selecting the type of reagent to create have been replaced by a dropdown option list.
      • If the user selects Insert or Oligo reagent type, a form to input the general properties for this reagent type is shown on the same page.
      • If the chosen reagent type is Vector or Cell Line, a second option list to specify the subtype is shown on the same page (replacing the previous multiple-view implementation). For Vectors, in addition to Novel, Non-Recombination, and Creator Expression Vector subtype choices, Gateway Entry and Gateway Expression Vector options have been added. For Cell Lines, the subtype choices remain the same: Parent and Stable. A link to the illustration explaining the different subtypes is provided at this point.
      • When Vector or Cell Line subtype is selected, a form to input parent IDs is shown on the same page. If Non-Recombination or Gateway Entry Vector subtype is chosen, the user is asked to input a Parent Vector ID and an Insert ID. To create an Expression Vector via Recombination or a Gateway Expression Vector, a Parent Vector ID and an Insert Parent Vector ID are required. If the chosen subtype is Novel Vector or Parent Cell Line, a general properties input form is shown instead of parent input form.
      • Once Vector parents are entered, the sequence of the new Vector is reconstituted, if possible, from the sequences of its parents, and shown on the preview page.
      • Chloramphenicol resistance is added to Recombination Vectors and removed from Gateway Expression Vectors during creation

    • Mass Spectrometry Module
    • A Mass Spectrometry tools module has been added to the menu items. Currently this module contains one reference to the MS-Map application. A link to MS-Map has also been placed on the Insert Detailed View.

    • External Search Query
    • An option has been added to submit a search query to Reagent Tracker outside the application. The search category and search term are encoded in the URL query string and passed as a GET argument to the search function.

    • Restrict Search to Completed Reagents
    • The user is given an option to only search for reagents whose status is 'Completed' by selecting the "Show completed reagents only" checkbox (this option is not selected by default).

    • New Insert Properties
    • Include: Species, Ensembl Gene ID, Official Gene Symbol. These properties are shown on the Insert Detailed View as well as on the Insert creation form.

    • Options to Search by Ensembl Gene ID and Official Gene Symbol
    • These options have been added to the Search Categories option menu on the Search View.

    • Insert Location
    • In additon to showing the locations of an Insert, now also printing a list of the locations of this Insert's child Vectors. This is especially useful if the Insert itself does not have a location explicitly assigned to it but its child Vectors do.