OpenFreezer V.1.1.2 CHANGES
  • Vector
    • A diagram has been added to illustrate the difference between recombination and non-recombination vectors
  • Insert
    • Alternate ID has been added to the creation form as an expandable checkbox list to enter multiple Ids from different datasets. Currently have IMAGE, Kasuza, Ensembl and RIKEN
    • "Type of Insert" and "Insert Cloning Method" added as dropdown lists
    • Entrez Gene ID added to creation view
  • Cell Line
    • Alternate ID - same as for Insert
    • Can choose between creating a parent or a stable cell line, and for stable cell line can upload properties from its parents. The new cell line's name would consist of the name of its parent vector "IN" parent cell line name.
    • A diagram has been added to illustrate the difference between parent and stable cell lines

Detailed View

  • Vector

    • No longer showing parent vector, insert and insert parent vector together in the parent/child section. Now showing either PV and I, or PV and IPV, depending on the vector's type (recombination or non-recombination). For novel vectors, only showing PV
    • Cell Line Children added to parent/child section
    • Vector type added as property
    • DNA length added (just calculating the number of characters in the sequence for now)

  • Insert

    • Alternate ID shows as a list, in case the reagent has multiple alternate ids
    • Accession number and Entrez Gene ID are now hyperlinks, pointing to NCBI (unless it is "In house" - regular text in that case)
    • Insert type added as property
    • The field that was previously named "Gene ID" on the detailed view has been renamed to "Entrez Gene ID"
    • DNA sequence length added (same as Vector)

  • Cell Line

    • Alternate ID - same as for Insert
    • Cell line type added as property


  • General

    • Parent/Child association modification form has been added on reagent Modify view.
    • Alternate ID - same as on creation
    • Tag type, species, antibiotic resistance, resistance marker, promoter, insert cloning method, morphology lists can now be expanded by clicking on 'Other' and entering a new value not on the list.
    • Dropdown lists are in alphabetical order
    • "Cancel" button added

  • Insert

    • "Type of Insert" and "Insert Cloning Method" added as dropdown lists

 - Search results now show the complete description/comments/oligo sequence instead of a number
 - Parent vector and parent cell line names are now shown in cell line search, instead of "No matching column type found."

  • Plate name is now shown on plate view instead of "group name+group count"
  • 'Previous' and 'Next' links on plate view are disabled if the current plate is first or last in its group
  • Well coordinates added to well modification view
  • When a container's group is changed, its group count is changed too (previously, if there were 40 Largescale DNA and 4 Liquid Nitrogen containers, and a container was moved from largescale to LN, the cell line container view would show a list of containers having numbers 1, 2, 3, and 41)
  • On the modification form, no longer showing a header for each well if multiple wells are selected - just one top header for the table

  • Sequence-verified MGC set has been uploaded, with reagent IDs starting at V50,000 and I50,000. In-house clones will be assigned IDs continuing from previous in house IDs and not continuing from these MGC clones. Vectors, inserts, and glycerol stock information on this set have been added.

Batch Updates
  • Corrected several recombination vectors that have incorrectly been stored as non-recombination (changed the vectors' association type in the database); now the parent associations for these vectors show IPV instead of insert