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Welcome to the Gingras Lab!

We are a signal transduction, systems biology and proteomics lab located in the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto.

Reversible protein phosphorylation is mediated by a network of protein kinases and phosphatases that regulate the response of cells to environmental stimuli. Importantly, misregulation of this process has been implicated in numerous diseases, including cancer and diabetes. We are particularly interested in understanding how phosphatases respond to different environmental cues and how they recognize their substrates. We are applying quantitative proteomics approaches, as well as an array of biochemical and cell biology techniques, to shed light on this important enzyme family. This being said, we also have other fun projects, which you can see under the Research tab.

We also develop technologies and software tools for proteomics, primarily for the analysis of protein-protein interactions. These are listed under the Resources tab. Have a look at our experimental protocols and available cloning vectors. Please also see our dedicated website for the distribution of ProHits, a Laboratory Information Management System for AP-MS experiments. Explore the Contaminant Repository for Affinity Purification (or CRAPome), a resource to help biologists making sense of their interaction data, and navigate our own Interaction Repository.

Recent funding from Genome Canada enabled the creation at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum of the Network Biology Collaborative Centre (NBCC) who is now accepting samples in both the SMART screening and proteomics facilities.

Papers delineate MOB1 role in Hippo signaling 2017
Amber Couzens, Shawn Xiong and collaborators used proteomics and structural and biophysical studies to uncover the function of MOB1 in the regulation of the Hippo signaling pathway. See both papers at Mol Cell Proteomics. More ...

Fresh off the press: phosphatases in mitosis 2016
St-Denis et al. report in this issue of Cell Reports the identification of phosphatases implicated in mitosis, and the elucidation of their interactomes. More ...

New TFRI grant to "Team Hippo" 2016
A team composed of Jeff Wrana, Lil Attisano, Frank Sicheri, Helen McNeill, Steve Gallinger and Anne-Claude Gingras receives 2.25M to target the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway in cancer. Thanks to TFRI, donors and volunteers! More ...

Congratulations to Ben, Boris and Cassandra! 2016
Our new students get departmental awards: a Cecil Yip doctoral award from the Donnelly Centre to Ben, the Norman Bethune Award to Boris and the Hannah Farkas-Himsley and Alexander Himsley ‚ÄéMemorial Prize to Cassandra (both from Molecular Genetics). Cassandra and Boris each also received OSOTF funding from the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute. More ...

Welcome Shen, new PDF in the group 2016
Shen Zhang recently joined from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and brings new expertise in quantitative proteomics. More ...

ProHits 4.0 released and published 2016
The ProHits 4.0 publication in press at J Proteomics (Liu et al) describes the use of our ProHits LIMS for Data Independent Acquisition through the incorporation of DIA-Umpire, MSPLIT-DIA and mapDIA. More ...

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